Note, 48

Tres Chic(Feb,17 - Mar,5) TAXI / LIST 

HEEL] fame femme: /Terra transparent heels - Cherry Tres Chic 
DRESS] M.I.X.* /Airy Look GACHA -5- Shiny Shabby 

Trompe Loeil - Shipping Crate Studio Wood 
[Con.] Vintage Car Sofas - White 
*katat0nik* (pink / red / yellow) Spray Paint Set - Street Artist Gacha  

fame femmeさんの新作ヒールです☆彡 


Note, 47

Shiny Shabby(Fab,20 - MaR,15) TAXI / LIST 

TOPS] fame femme: Sport Top - Black Shiny Shabby 
PANTS] fame femme: Sport leggings - Black Shiny Shabby 
SHOES] fame femme: Sport Sneakers - Black Shiny Shabby 
HAIR] *ARGRACE*  /Saki - Platinum 
HEADPHONE] C L A Vv. /Apoc Earphone Black (mod) Gacha 
RADIO] C L A Vv. /Apoc Arm Radio Black Gacha 
DOG] +Half-Deer+  /Shiba Inu - Please? (rez) 

 POSE] sakupose / mens -7-2-@ 

Never Totally Dead..., 

fame femmeさんの新作です☆彡 


Note, 46

Kawaii Project TAXI / LIST 
Creators Collection Box(Feb,18 - Mar,17) TAXI / LIST

RABBIT(Ear/EyeMask/HairAccesory)] :::c*C*c::: /Immorality of the rabbit CCB 
PIERCED] *:..Silvery K..:* /Feather Earrings(Pink) CCB 
HEADGEAR] *{( konpeitou )}* /kawaii BENTO braces Kawaii Project 
HAIR] tram /F1124 hair1 
LINGERIE] Addams / Aurora BabyDoll (Opaque) 

 POSE] sakupose /King's Valentine's day 6-1 CADERU 

Scarlet Creative Daylily Cottage 
{anc} canopy:lace:white 
[ keke ] blown away rowan arch - snow white 
:::WEG::: Rose bush White 
un Jour-Nostalgia-BL

BLACES] *{( konpeitou )}* /kawaii BENTO braces Kawaii Project 
HEAD] *6DOO* /bento Human mesh head HUCI-01 
EXPRESSION] [HD] /bento Facial expression HUD for 6doo HUCI-01 
EYEPATCH] Soy. /EyePatch HAIR] tram /F1201 hair 
SAILOR] AMITOMO. /HUWAHUWA School Uniform 8 S Gacha 

*{( konpeitou )}* kawaii BENTO braces @The Kawaii Project


Note, 45

Collabor88(Feb,8 - Mar,6) TAXI / LIST 

DRESS] *:..Silvery K..:* /Feather BackLess Dress(Champagne) Collabor88 
NECK CORSET] *:..Silvery K..:* /Feather NeckCorset(Champagne) Collabor88 
EYE MASK] *:..Silvery K..:* /Blindfold Ribbon(Champagne) Collabor88 
HAIR] no.match / NO_PROMISE ~ Pack of BLACKS 
HEADDRESS] *LODE*  /Head Accessory - Rose Vintage Crown [red] 
SOCKS] =Zenith= /Vintage Lace Legwarm(all colors) 
NAILSACK] *:..Silvery K..:*  /Claw of SilverCross_C(for Lady) 



Note, 44

The Liaison Collaborative (~Fev,28) TAXI / LIST 
Cosmopolitan(~Fev,26) TAXI / LIST

DRESS] fame femme / Aurora velour dress - Begie TLC 
HAIR] Wasabi Pills /Olivia Mesh Hair FLF 
SANDAL] Essenz /Panama (Black) 
NECKLACE] Maitreya /Back Necklace * Jade Amethyst Turquoise 
POSE] andika /Bento posepack[je taime] 01je t'aime andika Bento posepack[je taime]

GLASS] ::::c*C*c::: /Ken_Sunglass_For men_Orange Cosmopolitan 
SHIRT] :::Breath::: /R16 J+shirt 
PANTS] :: GORODEE ::  /corduroy skinny / black 
HAIR] [INK] Hair___SERIOUS ::Mocha 
SHOES] [ hoorenbeek ]  /Mesh Heritage Boots - Gritty Black 
COOKIE] sakupose yuzuya /cookie love kuma CADERU HUNT PRIZE


Note, 43

CADERU(Fab.01 - Mar.03) OFFICIAL / TAXI 

NAIL(right)]yuzuya /nailhud G&B fo men CADERU 
NAIL(left)]yuzuya /nailhud G&B woman CADERU 
RIBBON]SallieLanguage //TiedUpRibbonE Gacha 
LINGERIE] SallieLanguage /Tres Doux Lingerie - white 

POSE] sakupose /King's Valentine's day 7 CADERU 
PANTS] :::Breath::: /cat hanging underwear/gray 
HAIR] DOUX  /Mikey hairstyle [Fades] TMD  

POSE] sakupose /King's Valentine's day 4 CADERU 
CAMISOLE] *VoguE Boudoir*  /Ficceh Lingerie (Mesh) White 
HAIR] mimpi*  /hair-30 / dark brown